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Kush Patel

Contemplation by Kush Patel The Hug  by Kush Patel

Matti Barthel

Chameleon Close-Up by Matti Barthel Horned Chameleon by Matti Barthel Chameleon by Matti Barthel

Brooke Reynolds

Affection, Mountain Gorillas by Brookes Reynolds Ndakasi, Gorilla Sanctuary by Brooke Reynolds Baby Gorilla by Brook Reynolds Elder Chimp, Congo by Brooke Reynolds

Sebastien Meys

Portrait d'un gorille de montagne Bageni by Sebastien Meys Gorille Bageni by Sebastien Meys Regard Berengei by Sebastien Meys Jeune gorille Humba by Sebastien Meys

Nicolas Philipson

Silverback by Nicholas Phillipson Colobus Monkey by Nicholas Phillipson Chimp by Nicholas Phillipson Nyiragongo View From Tchegera by Nicholas Phillipson

Daniel Burton

Hades by Daniel Burton Purple Haze by Daniel Burton Into The Congo by Daniel Burton The Silverback by Daniel Burton

Cameron Anderson Raffan

Bird on a wire by Cameron Anderson Raffan Bukima, Silverback Gorilla by Cameron Anderson The Last Charge by Cameron Anderson Raffan Mikeno Hornbill by Cameron Anderson Raffan Home by Cameron Anderson Raffan

Kate Malone

Volcano Mist by Kate Malone Gorilla Close-Up by Kate Malone Gorilla Mother and Baby by Kate Malone Baby Mountain Gorilla by Kate Malone Baby Mountain Gorilla Close-Up by Kate Malone Mountain Gorilla Portrait by Kate Malone

Paul Bertner

Lacewing Egg on Stalk by Paul Bertner Dance Fly by Paul Bertner Praying Mantis by Paul Bertner